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Batting Partnerships

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1152 Nathan Akmens - russell Stanborough Marion Cricket ClubLO Division 31 1 Fulham
2177 Jack Bailey - Tim Scott Marion Cricket ClubC2 Grade1 1 Woodville Rechabite
3217 Nathan Starling - Tim Scott Marion Cricket ClubC1 Grade3 1 Para Hills
499 Kyle Tapscott - Craig Dollman Marion Cricket ClubB2 Grade1 1 Payneham
585 Joe George - Joshua Harmer Marion Cricket ClubC2 Grade6 1 Adelaide University
6103 russell Stanborough - Craig Bartlett Marion Cricket ClubB2 Grade4 1 Brahma Lodge
787 Ryan Curnow - Pete Valente Marion Cricket ClubC1 Grade4 1 Gepps Cross
899 Craig Bartlett - Andrew Gaunt Marion Cricket ClubB2 Grade7 1 Old Ignatians
986 Craig Bartlett - Chirag Shah Marion Cricket ClubB2 Grade2 1 Port Districts
1038 Matthew Pearson - Luke Capper Marion Cricket ClubC2 Grade3 1 PAOC

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