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Batting Partnerships

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1164 Rupert Males - Haard Shah Marion Cricket ClubUnder 16 Division 1 (Standard Rules)SF 1 Unley (1)
2136 Faheem Ullah - Haard Shah Marion Cricket ClubC2 Grade1 1 Grange
3108 Emmett Wood - Tom Davey Marion Cricket ClubISC Teamwear LO Division 32 1 Woodville South
4129 Oorjit Jayawant - Taanish Soodan Marion Cricket ClubUnder 16 South Division 2 (Standard Rules)6 1 Reynella (2)
593 Russell Stanborough - Asela Sellahewa Marion Cricket ClubKookaburra Sports A1 Premier Grade7 1 Walkerville
6130 Kyle Tapscott - Craig Bartlett Marion Cricket ClubB1 Grade3 1 PAOC
782 Russell Stanborough - Craig Bartlett Marion Cricket ClubKookaburra Sports A1 Premier Grade10 1 Reynella
896 Warrick Stanborough - Braydon McPherson Marion Cricket ClubKookaburra Sports A1 Premier Grade8 1 Old Scotch
994 Faheem Ullah - Sam Streng Marion Cricket ClubB3 Grade5 1 Golden Grove
10232 Thomas Harding - Harris Strachan Marion Cricket ClubB3 Grade10 1 Adelaide Lions

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