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Batting Partnerships

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194 Jordan Kilderry - Daniel Cox Marion Cricket ClubBeastwear A2 Grade1 2 Flinders Park
2115 Daniel Cox - Steven McAllister Marion Cricket ClubBeastwear A2 Grade2 2 Unley
3213 Kyle Tapscott - Joe George Marion Cricket ClubB2 Grade2 1 Pembroke OS
459 Nathan Starling - Ryan Curnow Marion Cricket ClubC2 Grade3 1 Port Districts
5108 James Burdon - Ryan Curnow Marion Cricket ClubC2 Grade2 1 Pooraka
681 russell stanborough - Kahl Emerson Marion Cricket ClubBeastwear A2 Grade3 1 Woodville South CC
765 Emmett Wood - Pete Smith Marion Cricket ClubLO Division 43 1 Pembroke OS
8112 Jeewan Rathnayaka - Jamie Hehir Marion Cricket ClubC2 Grade3 1 Port Districts
928 Nathan Gill - Thomas Harding Marion Cricket ClubLO Division 62 1 Goodwood
1030 Harrison Prior - Michael Homes Marion Cricket ClubUnder 15 South Division 23 1 Glenunga

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