Code of Conduct

Marion Cricket Club

Code of Conduct

The Marion Cricket Club requires all players, coaches, officials and parents to represent the Club in a positive manner.  No player, coach, official or parent should damage or put at risk our Club’s reputation or our relationship with other players, officials, Clubs or any Association in which the Club competes.

Whilst participating as a member of any team associated with the Marion Cricket Club all players, coaches, officials and parents must;

1. Respect the rights, dignity and worth of fellow and opposition players, coaches, officials and spectators;

2. Respect the talent, potential and development of fellow players and competitors;

3. Abide by the rules and the spirit of the game;

4. Respect the decision of the official in charge at all times;

5. Always conduct themselves in a professional manner relating to language, temper and punctuality;

6. Provide due care and respect for all facilities and equipment (home and away);

7. Work equally hard individually, as a team and as a Club;


8. The Marion Cricket Club will not tolerate any acts of aggression.

9. Harassment of any kind towards any player, match official, Club official or spectator is, at all times, unacceptable and renders a player, coach, official or parent liable to serious consequences.

10. The use of drugs of any kind will not be tolerated unless prescribed by a licensed physician.

As a Club, our mission is to develop individual players, coaches and officials to achieve their full cricket potential within a positive Club environment.

We will take full responsibility for our performances as well as our behaviour.  If we are confronted by poor levels of sportsmanship from other teams, we will not descend to the same level.

At the Marion Cricket Club we view it as imperative, regardless of whether we are achieving on-field success or not, that we always endeavour to play the game of cricket according to the spirit of the game.

Players and officials agree that the consequences of any breach of the code of conduct may be determined by the Club or the Association and all agree to abide by those decisions, subject to any fair appeal process. Depending on the nature and severity of the breach, consequences may include suspension by the Club and/or by the Association.