Selection Policy

Marion Cricket Club – Selection Policy



Throughout the season, selection is one of the most important and contentious issues for the Club and also for individuals. It is the source of much discussion and sometimes argument. Because of this, Marion Cricket Club has decided to develop and implement a written Selection Policy so that the selection process is more transparent and fully understood by all players. Much of this policy will not be new but will simply confirm and clarify various informal practices that have occurred since the Club began.


The Policy was written by the Committee for the 2011/2012 season in conjunction with the Senior Coach and with input from various senior players.

Selection Objectives

The objectives of selection are to balance the following needs of the Club:


  • To select the strongest XI for each grade in which the Club fields a team
  • For the Club to have regard to its future by promoting and developing youth
  • To be fair and consistent in the treatment of players


It must be recognised that sometimes these objectives are not compatible with each other and that balancing them may be different for each XI. The selection committee will not always be able to please everyone and all players must understand that the Club’s interests and then the interests of the team will always come before their own. No one is guaranteed a spot in any given side and given that the selectors have the full support of the club committee, all decisions made in accordance with this policy will be final.


Teams will be selected in order, commencing with the First XI. The Second XI where possible should consist of prospective first XI players including those players on the verge of First XI selection as well as younger players who, in the selection committee’s opinion, have the potential to play First XI cricket.

The Third XI will be selected as the next best side and ideally will comprise a balance of experience and youth, providing the opportunity for young players including juniors to play senior cricket in an encouraging and supportive environment.

Selection Criteria

The following factors will be considered by the selection committee when selecting senior teams and individual players. As much as possible, selection of junior teams should also occur using the same criteria.



A player’s ability is the most important factor in determining which team he plays in. No one benefits from a player playing in a team in which he is either too good or simply not able to contribute.



This is a critical factor but not the only one. A player’s performance will be assessed over a number of matches, not just a single performance and the quality of opposition will also be taken into account. Each player’s performances are recorded on the My Cricket website and are available for everyone to see. Based on these, players may move from grade to grade.


All players are required to attend training sessions scheduled by the coach. Standard sessions will be on Tuesday and Thursday evenings during the season and also during pre-season at times to be announced in advance. If players are unable to attend training, it is their responsibility to advise the coach or their team captain of their situation and attend when possible. As long as performance is still at an acceptable level, this should not effect selection; however a lack of communication will be seen as detrimental to selection.

Future Development Potential

Young players who have the potential to play in higher grades should be given preference in selection. This does not mean however, that older players will automatically make way for younger players regardless of performance but rather in a situation where two players have similar claims for promotion or demotion, preference should be given to the development of younger players.

Team Balance

A captain is entitled to have team balance, both in relation to the spread of batsmen and bowlers in the team as well as the type of batsmen and bowlers. Team balance may also vary between one-day, two-day and twenty-twenty games.

Attitude & Work Ethic

It is expected that all players will approach training sessions in the same way that they would approach a game. Players are expected to work hard during training and support each other at all times. If this happens at training it will also happen in games. All players must wear the correct training attire as directed by the club.


Every player will be considered available for selection and ready to play in every game of the season unless they have notified the club accordingly. Players are expected to notify the club of their unavailability immediately they are aware of it and no later than 6.00 pm on the Thursday prior to a new game commencing. If unavailability occurs after this, it is acceptable to notify the chairman of selectors or team captain no later than 5.00pm Friday evening. Unless there are extenuating circumstances, anything outside of this procedure is considered unacceptable.


All players must adhere to the Marion Cricket Club Code of Conduct at all times when representing the club both on and off the field. Players bringing the club or the game of cricket into disrepute will jeopardise their chances of future selection

Payment of Fees

Players who have paid their fees by the due date or who have a payment plan approved by the club will be given preference in the selection process over players who haven’t.

Supporting the Team/Club

Cricket is a team sport and it is expected that players will work together at both training sessions and on match day to help set up and pack away equipment, boundary markers, afternoon tea etc. In addition, players are expected to take their turn on the Kanga Cricket BBQ when rostered on as well as helping at other club fundraisers. Attendance at club functions including post match and end of season presentations is also considered important as this helps to build camaraderie and club spirit.

Communication of Selection Decisions

Players are entitled to be individually notified that they have been promoted or demoted and the reason for that decision.

This will take place after training on Thursday night, prior to the teams being announced and communication of this decision will be the responsibility of the Senior Coach in the first instance or if not possible then the captain of the team into which the player has been promoted or the captain of the team from which he has been demoted. If none of these people are available it will be the responsibility of the Chairman of selectors to communicate the decision.

Under no circumstances is a player’s promotion or demotion to be communicated to anyone before he has been advised.

Complaints & Grievance Procedure

The selection committee exists to help and provide support and will always be available to listen should players have any complaints, suggestions or constructive criticism regarding the selection process. All issues of this nature should initially be addressed to the Chairman.

Selection Committee Structure

The selection committee will consist of the following:


  • Chairman of Selectors (non-playing)
  • Senior Coach
  • First, Second & Third XI Captains


The role of the Chairman will be to chair selection meetings, ensure that the selection policy is implemented and to co-ordinate the availability of players from match to match.