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Hall of Fame - Batting

Grade Type 
Match Format 
113574100315510333829237135*Ryan W ScovellMarion2021/2022Under 17 Division 14 1Brighton (1)
212261024615510333785444122Clint R IronsMarion2021/2022B1 Grade5 1Reynella
311189064215510333829237111Shane D RaphaelMarion2021/2022Under 17 Division 14 1Brighton (1)
41084863615510333780624108Steven McAllisterMarion2021/2022Kookaburra Sports A1 Premier Grade1 1Pooraka
510224362615510333785438102*Craig BartlettMarion2021/2022B1 Grade4 1Walkerville
6804280261551033378062480Warrick StanboroughMarion2021/2022Kookaburra Sports A1 Premier Grade1 1Pooraka
7766131081551033378542276Russell StanboroughMarion2021/2022B1 Grade1 1Pulteney OS
8757776581551033382924075Zachary J ChapmanMarion2021/2022Under 17 Division 15 1Fulham
9743691761551033378544474Brett F JennerMarion2021/2022B1 Grade5 1Reynella
106919580281551033381091769*Max HarrisMarion2021/2022Under 14 South Division 23 1Goodwood (4)
1165292101551033378557965Luke J ManuelMarion2021/2022B3 Grade5 1Adelaide University
12657309121551033382923765Josh A BeckhamMarion2021/2022Under 17 Division 14 1Brighton (1)
13606087651551033378595360Tom A DaveyMarion2021/2022ISC Teamwear LO Division 37 1Gepps Cross
14609566501551033381850860Taanish SoodanMarion2021/2022Under 15 Division 11 1Unley
15566102461551033378543856Clint R IronsMarion2021/2022B1 Grade4 1Walkerville
16546081231551033378564054James M BurdonMarion2021/2022C1 Grade3 1Port Districts
17516102461551033378542251Clint R IronsMarion2021/2022B1 Grade1 1Pulteney OS
18508906421551033382924050Shane D RaphaelMarion2021/2022Under 17 Division 15 1Fulham
1950486361551033378062750Steven McAllisterMarion2021/2022Kookaburra Sports A1 Premier Grade2 1Goodwood
Note: Qualification levels for this report are 50 and 100 runs.

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